From kelp jerky to Moon Juice adaptogens, the new Equinox Hotel in New York has reimagined the minibar as a source of super-healthy goodness rather than shameful late-night bingeing. Jenny Southan reports

Opened this summer as a spin-off of luxury gym chain Equinox, the hotel has set a new trend for healthy, highly curated in-room amenities in abundance.

Whereas most hotel minibars are stocked with miniature bottles of spirits, cans of beer, Coke and Kit Kats, the Equinox Hotel has taken a more virtuous approach, supplying guests with more than 70 nutritious goodies to eat and drink, as well as products and treatments to enhance well-being.

Globetrender predicts that as “health continues to be the new wealth”, more hotels will ditch the junk – or at least give guests the option of requesting what they’d like in their mini (or maxi) bar, in advance.

These are some of the items available in rooms in the Equinox Hotel with prices…

SnacksKelp jerky

  • Kelp jerky with Spicy Thai + Spirulina US$12
  • HunnyBon Vegan Organic Gummy Bears US$8
  • Juice Press Ginger Fireball Blasts US$8
  • Eat Chic Almond Butter Cups US$8
  • Fika Peanut Butter Quinoa Bites US$12
  • Organic SMPL with coconut, activated charcoal + adaptogens US$8
  • Equinox high-performance blend by Erewhon Market of Pineapple, Jackfruit, Coconut, Goji Berry and Pink Salt US$12
  • Organic Salt + Vinegar Dulse Almonds US$12
  • Gluten-free granola from Juice Press US$12
  • DADA Crispy Almond Butter Brussels Sprouts US$10

Drinks Torii Awake

  • Moon Juice adaptogens (Superherbs and Supermushrooms that help expand your body’s capacity to handle mental, physical, and emotional stress): Brain Dust, Spirit Dust, Power Dust, Sex Dust, Dream Dust – add to your drink US$24
  • Rebbl super elixir with dark cocoa + mct’s (16g protein) US$8
  • Teaonic I Love My Liver Revitalising Tonic US$8
  • Jax coconut water US$8
  • Health-Ade ginger lemon kombucha fermented tea US$8
  • RISE Brewing Co nitro cold brew organic coffee US$8
  • Torii Labs Awake (a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs to improve focus, resilience and stamina) US$12
  • Quinton Hypertonic ampoule (100% seawater minerals to support cell renewal and contribute to normal muscle and digestive functions) US$4
  • Stamba Travel advanced adaptogenic superfood blend formulated to support core defenses during travel US$60
  • Proviotic Travel Pack: vegan probiotic from Juice Press with 2.5 billion CFU of good bacteria US$20

Other amenities

111Skin Bio Cellulose facial treatment mask US$26

111Skin Sub-Zero De-puffing eye mask US$16

Regeneration Tool Kit

  • SKLZ Resistance Bands
  • Manduka Yoga Mat
  • Manduka Cork Yoga Blocks
  • Trigger-Point Mini Foam Roller
  • Trigger-Point Massage Ball

Fitness gear

  • Women’s Tank US$85
  • Women’s Legging US$128
  • Men’s Performance Shirt US$88
  • Men’s Shorts US$75

Harvey Spevak, executive chairman and managing partner for Equinox, says: “Steeped with deep knowledge of how to cater 24/7 to the high performance needs of the most discerning community, we are a company that has always seen the world differently and defined trends rather than following them.

“Everything we’ve done to this point has given us true license to enter hospitality and chart its future with a completely fresh, uniquely ‘Equinox’ experience and point of view.

“In hospitality, lifestyle hotels have grown up and luxury hotels have gotten younger in their outlook and experience. Now, as health becomes the new wealth, Equinox is uniquely positioned to define an emerging category that is disrupting the entire industry.

“Equinox is the market leader and authority on fitness as lifestyle, and we are bringing our decades of experience to create the ultimate high performance luxury lifestyle hotels.”

Equinox Hotels will also be opening in Seattle (2019), Houston (2021), LA (2021) and Chicago (2022).

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