Swiss high-end audio brand Luzli has introduced the Roller MK02, a pair of “rollable” headphones that are perfect for travelling.

The problem with most over-ear headphones is they can be bulky to travel with but Luzli’s couldn’t be more compact. Out now, the ultra-high-end company has introduced the Roller MK02, as well as a new black finish for its Roller MK01.

They might be expensive (from £2,880 for the MK01 to £3,840 for the MK02) but Luzli’s precision engineering means they are designed to last a lifetime. The cables and foam ear pads are also replaceable so they are a great investment.With headbands machined from pure aluminium and stainless steel, 22 separate stainless steel springs mean they conform to the shape of people’s heads, making them more comfortable.

Luzli says that when it comes to audio quality, “no compromise has been made”, with “some of the industry’s finest engineers involved in a process that has taken over three years to perfect”.The headphones have custom dynamic drivers – 30mm for the MK01 and 40mm for the MK02. The baffles (front face of the speaker), acoustic chambers, ear pads and bass ports have all been tuned to create the “finest possible sound”.Luzli was founded in 2010 in Switzerland by Dina Guth and Andrew Lee, and is headquartered in Basel. The cpmpany originates from a strong manufacturing background, producing luxury headphones to a quality associated with high-end watches, combining technological innovation and style. What is its philosophy? Luzli says it is about “small scale rather than mass-produced; local rather than global; long-lived rather than designed obsolescence; and personal rather than commodity”. Globetrender applauds this kind of thinking.

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