PrivateFly is offering a seven-night trip on a private jet, taking in three of the world’s most extreme airport landings in the Caribbean.

Designed for wealthy “aviation geeks”, the itinerary begins with boarding a Gulfstream G650 private jet from London to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, where you will experience its famous low approach over Maho beach.

Here you will have an exclusive private tour of St Martin’s Princess Juliana International airport (SXM), by the airport’s managing director, Regina la Bega.

There will then be a private charter flight to St Barts, where the aircraft will descend just feet above a steep slope to the runway.

Once on the tarmac, you will meet the president of St Barts, Bruno Magras, and have lunch with the managing director of St Barts airport, Fabrice Danet.

Next up there will be a landing on the shortest commercial runway in the world, on the tiny island of Saba. Once safely on the ground, you will have a meal with the pilots.

The package includes seven night’s accommodation in five-start hotels, meals with airport staff and crew, fine-dining in the evening and chauffeur-driven cars between all venues.

Maho bay in St Martin, West Indies

Maho bay in St Martin, West Indies

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly, said: “Aviation tourism is a growing trend amongst luxury travellers who seek out the world’s most extraordinary flying experiences.

“For an ‘Av Geek’ the joy is as much in the getting there, as it is in the destination. And the Caribbean offers an unbeatable collection of simply breathtaking landings.”

The trip costs from £190,000 for a group of four, or £48,000 per person. PrivateFly can also arrange the itinerary without the long-range G650 flight, at a cost of £12,000 per person.

Bespoke activities include flying lessons on St Barts and Saba, sightseeing tours, and flights the beaches of Anguilla.

Videos of the landings are available via PrivateFly’s You Tube channel .