Flash Pack, a travel company aimed at solo travellers, has launched ‘anti-burnout’ trips to Bali. Aimed at 30- to 40-year-old professionals suffering from work-related stress, the retreats have been designed to help people rediscover a better work-life balance. By Emily Holt

According to 2017/18 figures from the Health and Safety Executive, almost 600,000 British people are currently suffering from work-related stress.

Overall, 44 per cent of work-related ill health manifests itself as stress, depression and anxiety, and equates to 57 per cent of all working days lost (15.4 million days in 2017/18).

Recognising the need for ways to combat this problem, Flash Pack’s new 12-day Escape to Bali getaway will run every month for a year and has been designed with the help of wellness expert Kim Hartwell, who says that those suffering from work-related stress can easily be “soothed and calmed by travel”.

“Today’s lifestyle means that factors such as the strain of being constantly on call can have a severe effect. With the 5pm work exodus long gone, we can answer emails at all hours; and the expectation of this alone creates a major spike in the stress hormone cortisol.

“This is why we encourage all guests to use the time to digitally detox, and practicing yoga and meditation, and switch focus to all the wonderful new experiences on offer.”

The location of Bali was specifically chosen for its warm climate and significant cultural differences. This is key, apparently, as our mental flexibility is increased when immersed in a foreign environment, and warm climates are proven to lift our mood and help improve cognitive functionality.

As scientific research shows that it takes at least four days for the body and mind to relax, then a further eight days to achieve a state of complete relaxation, 12 days is the optimum length of time to rebalance the mind and body.

Experts say that staying active, which releases endorphins, is a great way of combating stress so the trip offers an itinerary that includes a volcano trek, jungle hikes around Ubud and a secret waterfall swim.

Learning new skills is also proven to increase mental well-being so Balinese style cooking lessons and “anti-gravity” yoga at a riverside wellness retreat are also prescribed.

Lee Thompson, co-founder of Flash Pack, says: “This is all about escaping the daily grind but in a way that is luxurious and comfortable at the same time.

“Our guests work hard all year round, this is the chance for them to unplug, enjoy beautiful boutique hotels, mist-clad jungle terrain and rousing Balinese sunsets. We defy anyone to not return feeling recharged and revitalised.”

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