From hiring camper vans in America to booking trips to the depths of the Congo, ten companies predict the kinds of journeys travellers will be making in 2019


Research conducted by luxury home rental platform Stay One Degree shows that not only are the top 1 per cent looking to be more charitable this year but 16 per cent of high-net-worth travellers say that the environment is a top concern for them. Bookings for ethical and eco-friendly escapes are predicted to rise by 70 per cent in 2019 within the Stay One Degree network.


Women are increasingly seeking high-octane adventures and women-only journeys that empower and provide an opportunity to develop new skills and passions. This includes a growing interest in women-only voluntourism that supports local women in remote and undeveloped communities around the world. A 2018 survey of 1,000 US women by tour company Trafalgar found that 73 per cent felt that travel made them stronger.


When travelling for work, people are trying to fit in a bit of cultural downtime alongside. Airbnb has found that business travellers originating from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Germany book the most Airbnb Experiences when travelling for work.

When on the road, some of the most-booked Experiences, globally, by business travellers include:


The US has long been known for its epic road trip holidays but 2019 will see an uptick in camper van hires. RV holidays have been a favourite for Americans for decades but thanks to Instagram hashtag #vanlife, holidaymakers from overseas have also started to take note. The hashtag sees couples, solo travellers and families pack up their belongings and live out of a van or RV, with the US landscape acting as a backdrop.


With print sources on the decline, publications are diversifying their editorialised offerings to engage readership and share content in new ways.

The New York Times launched City Tours in September 2018, running themed tours designed to provide a new lens on featured cities. The itineraries offer day-long tours with a focus on art and artisans, local cuisine and history. Travellers can enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family in Morocco, make a cheesesteak in Philadelphia or chat with a robot in Tokyo.

The tours are created “to show readers a world that locals know and love,” says Tony Carne, managing director of Urban Adventures, the New York Times‘ travel partner. “Travel has always been something of an antidote to everyday life, but it’s increasingly important to get outside to get a fresh perspective. There’s nothing like exploring a new neighborhood to understand the real stories of a people and a place.”

Architectural Digest is also branching into travel, with new proprietary tours centered around design. The publication has begun offering design-oriented travel guides, such as “The Top 6 Coffee Bars in Paris for Beautiful Design,” “7 Art Deco Hotels in Miami” and “9 Must-Visit Bars in Stockholm for Design Aficionados.”

In January 2018, Travel & Leisure magazine announced a new series of bookable trips with itineraries designed by its editors. These include a cycling tour of vineyards and off-the-beaten-path hiking adventures in Tanzania.

Virgin Limited Edition: RADIO SILENCE

In recent years we’ve seen the travel market catering for a social-media savvy audience, but in 2019 we are expecting to see “switching off” as a leading trend. The opportunity to disconnect is one of the biggest luxuries operators can offer; many of our guests choose Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains for its unplugged atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to switch off mobile phones in communal areas and all bedrooms are free from televisions or computers.

Similarly, one of the most popular aspects of a safari is the opportunity to discover experiences that truly touch the soul, away from technology. Our Game Rangers at Ulusaba and Mahali Mzuri are experts in helping guests to connect with the environment. There’s no better experience than taking in the silence of a sunrise in the bush.


We’re noticing a rise in requests to experience disrupted destinations affected by turmoil or unrest. This is fuelled by our clients’ desire to inform their perspective on the world around them. At Black Tomato we’ve always thrived on challenge, and with our expertise and global roster of fixers on the ground, we’re able to arrange incredible access and insight to destinations that have previously been inaccessible to luxury travellers. We’re always striving to bring a new perspective.

For 2019 we’re taking travellers to Georgia and Egypt – an emerging and a re-emerging destination – where the potential for exploration and life-enhancing experiences for travellers are flourishing. We’re simultaneously developing new experiences in Djibouti, the Congo and areas of the Middle East – previously seen as having been off-limits or have momentarily dropped off the travel radar.

By working with expert planners, travellers can make the most of visiting these more complex destinations ensuring they experience them in a safe and viable way


Scott Dunn’s bookings for astro-experiences has tripled over the last four years and are up 120 per cent compared to 2017.

The company is offering eclipse itineraries in Argentina as part of the region will be enveloped in total darkness on July 2, 2019. Estancia Los Potreros, Cordoba, will be the best place to view the total eclipse.

Scott Dunn will continue to offer exceptional stargazing experiences across the globe from Jordan to Alberta, Portugal to Chile, working with world-renowned astronomers using telescopes and observation platforms that scope the night sky.

Hayes and Jarvis: LUXURY FLYING

Flying has long been considered the most luxurious way to travel. As the number of long-haul flights increases, airlines across the world are continuously upping the standards of their premium and business class offerings, providing travellers with more choice and luxuries than ever before. The recent advancements in premium class cabins has seen a rise in the number of holiday makers travelling in style. We have recorded a 17 per cent increase in customers booking premium and business class flights for holidays departing in 2019 around the world year-on-year. (Based on departures between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019.)


Based on the travel-searches made by holidaymakers in 2018, there is an evident trend of rising interest in places beyond city-centres and conventional tourist spots. Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, a new tribe of travellers are making their way to the Galapagos archipelago to experience the endemic species and inhabited islands. Similarly, cruising through Norwegian Fjords to reach the remote shores of Svalbard, watching the passing shining glaciers, are appealing to travellers who wish to reach earth’s edges in this year.