The Galaxy Z Flip 5G from Samsung pairs the speed of 5G with a cool foldable design, great for selfies and video calls. Rose Dykins reports

Samsung has expanded to its 5G phone range with a new design offering a contemporary twist to the old-school flip phone. And its new features make it a great bit of kit for digital nomads.

Equipped with an upgraded processor, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is geared towards downloading content at high speed. Not only is it 5G-ready, but its 6.7-inch screen can be folded in half, so the phone can stand unsupported in an L-shape upon a surface.

The foldable aspect of Samsung’s new model – inspired by a lotus blossom – combined with its 5G-compatibility makes it great for hands-free streaming of films or video content while on the go.

Samsung says that with Flex mode, you can watch your favorite YouTube channel hands-free. “While streaming on the top half of your device, you can also browse, read descriptions, and comment on the bottom half.”

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GThe Galaxy Z Flip 5G could signal the end of the long-arm selfies, mini tripods or leaning your phone against whatever you have handy while making a Zoom call.

When it comes to taking pictures, it is easier to shoot from higher and lower angles with the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung says: “Whether you want to capture low-angle action videos or vibrant birds-eye photos of your meal, simply double-tap in Flex mode to switch the camera’s preview window from the top to the bottom half of the device.”

When folded fully in half so it’s closed, the phone is palm-sized, making it travel-friendly. And its “hideaway hinge” also uses sweeper technology to repel dirt and dust.  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GPromising to be up to 100 times faster than 4G, 5G technology will carry information to people’s phones at lightning speed.

In the UK including EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 have now launched 5G for some customers, and it’s expected that most of the UK will have it by 2022.

But in order to benefit from hyper fast 5G speeds, customers need a phone that’s compatible with the technology.

Samsung is dominating the 5G market, with its range of 5G-enabled phones and tablets, while Apple is yet to create a 5G-compatible iPhone.

“At Samsung, we continue to put the power of 5G in millions of consumers’ hands. We continually demonstrate our commitment to make 5G more accessible to more people,” says D. TM Roh, president and head of mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics.

He says: “We are excited to bring next-generation speed and connectivity to the Galaxy Z Flip, which further expands our portfolio of 5G devices.”

Galaxy Z Flip 5G comes in four distinctive colours: Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray. The 5G version is priced at £1,399; monthly contracts start from £38 per month.

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