German start-up Pull Up launched a crowdfunding campaign in April on Kickstarter to raise money to finance an innovative new suitcase that converts into a mobile closet, allowing you to easily access your clothes when travelling.

Manufactured in China, the Pull Up suitcase has been designed to allow you to systematically pack your outfits, shoes and other personal items in individual compartments, which then become accessible when you “pull up” the built-in wardrobe section.

If you are a frequent traveller, it can be a nuisance to keep unpacking and re-packing your case, placing clothes in drawers. The Pull Up suitcase promises to solve this problem, although many items such as shirts, suits and dresses will still benefit from being hung in a hotel closet.

Pull Up provides a range of zip-up packing cubes and garment bags to keep your belongings organised. Without them, your clothes may run the risk of sliding out. Pull Up suitcase

In total, the collapsable suitcase has six shelves (three on top), with a front flap that opens for easy access to the bottom three inside.

Watching the demo video on Kickstarter, it’s clear that using the packing cubes will guarantee that you don’t overload each shelf. If you squash too much into into each compartment, the Pull Up suitcase won’t close.

How big is the Pull Up suitcase?

Height (closed): 76cm
Height (extended): 130cm
Width: 57cm
Depth: 36cm
Weight: 7.8kg

What else do I need to know?

Pull Up suitcaseThe Pull Up has a telescopic handle, four wheels that manoeuvre 360 degrees, and a flat, hard shell surface on top that can double as a laptop table when working in an airport terminal, for example.

There is also an exterior pouch for notebooks and other small items that you might need to hand, a TSA lock and side handle for lifting it into lockers.

Available in black, red and navy, the RRP of the Pull Up will be US$890 putting at the premium end of the luggage spectrum. Distribution is expected for October 2019.

However, this is reliant on the company generating the required funds on Kickstarter. On May 6, they had raised just over £8,000 of a £12,795 goal with 27 days to go so it’s likely they will hit their target. Globetrender looks forward to trying out the Pull Up when it comes to market.

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