Tapping into the trend for favouring experiences over material possessions, Virgin Atlantic has launched a new crowdfunding platform called “Where I Want for Christmas” for people to raise funds from friends and relatives for a dream holiday. Lotte Jeffs reports

Here at Globetrender we have certain expectations when it comes to Christmas presents. When you are lucky enough to travel the world for a living and visit concept stores such as  10 Corso Como in Milan, the Broken Arm in Paris (via the more mainstream Merci to satiate our stationery obsession), Tokyo’s 1 LDK (what do you mean we’ve got enough wooden pen pots?) and Alter in Shanghai, it takes a lot to impress us in the unwrapping stakes.

So to anyone daring to buy the globe-trotter in their life a gift – step away from the travel journal and passport holder, and let us school you in the kind of cool cadeaux that won’t go straight into the re-gifting drawer this Christmas.

Anything sold exclusively at Liberty of London instantly piques our interest. So the Virgin Atlantic “Where I Want For Christmas” gift card, which you can only buy in the chic London store, has our name written all over it (it literally does, as it’s packaged in a bespoke luggage tag themed wallet that can be hung on the Christmas tree. Cute.)

Virgin Atlantic gift card

Okay, so the price range on offer won’t exactly cover the entirety of our Upper Class trip to Barbados (they are sold in denominations of £50 to £150), but it’ll make a nice dent in the cost and shows that you, lovely loved one are fully supportive of Globetrender’s nomadic lifestyle.

However, our favourite gift option this Christmas, also comes courtesy of Virgin Atlantic (thanks Rich, we always thought you had something of the Santa about you). The Where I Want for Christmas account combines the two most important things in our life – travel and trends and is, drum roll please, a unique crowdfunding platform designed specifically to raise money for your next flight across the ocean.

Select your dream destination and generate a personal URL to share with your family and friends to ask them to put the money they would have spent on that bread-maker/paper shredder/pair of novelty slippers towards something far more meaningful – a new adventure.

If you need inspiration, destinations on Virgin Atlantic’s network include Antigua, Cancun, Denver, Delhi, Detroit, Havana, Hawaii, Grenada, Hong Kong, LA, Miami and Puerto Rico.

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