Lufthansa passengers on select flights to Canada can now experience Allegris – a next-gen makeover of seats, cabins and services across all classes. Olivia Palamountain reports

Lufthansa‘s Allegris transformation made its debut in the skies on May 1, 2024, departing from Munich for Vancouver on flight LH476.

The flight carried 268 passengers and 11 crew members, showcasing the airline’s new cabin offerings, which include ten different seat options and upgrades across all classes.

Allegris Business Class offers plenty of choice – think seven different seat options, including the Business Class Suite, the Extra Space Seat, the Privacy Seat by the window or the Extra Long Bed.Lufthansa AllegrisAll business class seats are ergonomic, and feature flexible seats with adjustable headrest and lumbar support in the backrest.

As with first class, all seats can be individually heated or cooled and provide direct access to the aisle, with individually adjustable lighting and tablet for controlling all electric functions.

Wireless charging for devices and the capability for connecting one’s own devices to the entertainment system via Bluetooth is also in effect.

When booking Allegris business class, passengers can reserve specific seats at no additional cost, as they have in the past.Lufthansa AllegrisFirst class now features higher partitions, luxurious materials and generous amounts of personal space, plus smart details such as individually adjustable lighting, a 10-inch tablet for controlling all seat, lighting and entertainment functions, a personal wardrobe with a large mirror and a spacious table.

In First Class Suite Plus, two separately controllable extra-wide seats can be converted into a roomy single bed or a double bed to accommodate two.Lufthansa Allegris First Class Suite Plus Allegris Premium Economy offers innovative hard-shell seats that can be easily adjusted without disturbing those in the row behind, plus a design that incorporates a discreet screen for enhanced privacy and lots of personal space.Lufthansa AllegrisEconomy Class has undergone an upgrade too, with the option of booking an Economy Class Free Neighbor Seat, so passengers can ensure more space and comfort.Lufthansa AllegrisToronto will be the second destination to experience the Allegris cabin, with flights alternating between Vancouver and Toronto on selected routes in the coming months.

As more A350 aircraft are delivered, Lufthansa plans to expand Allegris service to Chicago and Montreal during the summer.

Starting in late summer, the Allegris cabin will also be available on flights to Shanghai and San Francisco, initially replacing existing destinations.

By the winter flight schedule, travellers will be able to book flights with the full range of Allegris products, with further details on pricing and benefits for status customers to be announced soon.