Black Tomato’s new set jetting itineraries immerse guests in the drama of their favourite TV series, from Wyoming to Italy. Olivia Palamountain reports

Black Tomato has released immersive “Set Jetting” itineraries inspired by two popular television series, Yellowstone and Ripley.

Set Jetting, the desire to travel to destinations featured in films and television shows, has seen exponential growth over the past decade.

Black Tomato’s co-founder, Tom Marchant, explains: “Set Jetting’s continued popularity speaks to an increased desire to connect purposefully with film, literature, and theatre, which in turn uncovers a fascinating relationship between places, landscapes and fiction.”Black Tomato set jettingThe new itineraries offer travellers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscapes and experiences that form the backdrops of these iconic series, delivering “magic, inspiration and intrigue.”

Despite their vastly different settings, both Yellowstone and Ripley capture an extraordinary sense of place, which Black Tomato aims to bring to life through carefully curated experiences.Black TomatoThe Ripley itinerary, priced from £12,000 per person, takes guests on a seven-night journey across Italy, including stops in Amalfi, Atrani, Capri, Naples, Rome and Venice.

Highlights include an exclusive evening tour of Rome in a vintage Fiat 500, mirroring Tom Ripley’s getaway scene, and a private exploration of Atrani, culminating at the panoramic terrace where Ripley first arrives in Italy in the series.Black TomatoFor Yellowstone enthusiasts, Black Tomato offers a six-night adventure across Montana and Wyoming, starting at £17,000 per person.

The journey includes a stay in a luxurious pop-up “Blink” camp in Paradise Valley, offering privileged access to the Yellowstone ecosystem.Black TomatoTravellers can participate in a sunset cattle drive, experience a private “Cowboy for a Day” session, a horse whispering experience and enjoy dinner with one of Jackson Hole’s founding families, echoing the themes of generational legacy central to the series.Black TomatoBoth itineraries have been developed through extensive on-the-ground research, ensuring authenticity while providing special access and expert-led experiences.

As the Set Jetting trend continues to evolve, Black Tomato’s latest itineraries are a great example of how travel companies can blend dramatic escapism with immersive cultural experiences to bring beloved television narratives to life in extraordinary ways.