This month, London’s Secret Sandwich Shop has launched a version of cult Japanese sweet snack – the strawberry sando. Jenny Southan reports

A staple across Japanese convenience stores and bakeries, the strawberry sando is an Instagrammable snack, ideal for enjoying in the summer sunshine.

Under the helm of founder Robie Uniacke, London’s Secret Sandwich Shop has taken its signature “pillowy shokupan” (or Japanese milk bread) and layered it with fresh British strawberries and sweet vanilla chantilly cream.

How much does it cost? £10.
Strawberry sandoThe store will also be selling a limited-edition black charcoal bread version. The strawberry sando will only be available until July 7, though, so hurry up if you want to taste one.

Located above Notting Hill nightclub the Globe, the Secret Sandwich Shop opened in 2020 and has since become a London favourite, with its ever-changing selection of artful Japanese-style sandos.

Here is a glimpse of their regular menu – as you can see, they are not cheap…

Secret Sandwich ShopUniacke says: “The fruit sando feels too classic to mess with. So all we can do is make it with the best sourced ingredients coupled with some care and attention. On the menu until we have had enough of Wimbledon.”