Of 2,371 people surveyed, 14 per cent arranged their next trip abroad before their holiday was over, with the majority doing so on the last day.

The study was carried out by online travel agency sunshine.co.uk after it noticed a trend in the number of people visiting the site to book during a vacation they were already on.

According to the findings, 89 per cent of the total respondents had booked another trip and one in seven had booked their next trip during their last holiday, before it had even ended.

When travellers were asked for the reasons in doing so, 65 per cent blamed being “in the holiday spirit”, while 13 per cent said they had done it to “prevent the holiday blues” from setting in, and 11 per cent said they’d just “loved” the place where they were staying so much that they’d wanted to return immediately.

The majority of those who had booked a holiday whilst on abroad already had arranged to return to the same place (55 per cent), while the remaining 45 per cent booked to go somewhere different.

When asked how they’d booked a trip while they were already on holiday, the majority (71 per cent) said they had used their smartphone, while 23 per cent had used a tablet.

The average time spent between holidays was four months.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of sunshine.co.uk, said: “Coming home from a holiday is often a sad occasion for all involved. After the build up and excitement of looking forward to the trip, it can all seem to be over in a flash.

“We think it’s wonderful that people are booking their next trip to look forward to whilst they are already on a holiday. However, we will give one piece of advice and that’s to ensure that you can actually afford it.

“A five-star trip to the Caribbean in a month’s time may seem like an excellent idea after a few cocktails at the pool bar, but stop and think about whether your bank balance will thank you for it.”